We have three decades of experience providing professional advice to the tourism industry 

Our expertise is proven by our large portfolio of successful international projects:

  • Strategic Planning for Tourist Destinations 
  • Strategic & Operational Marketing 
  • Competitiveness Assessments
  • Organization & Management models for destinations
  • Project assessment & business plans
  • Identification & development of biz opportunities
  • Historical cities and heritage 
  • Specialized technical assistance


Some examples of our work:


ROS D&P helps tourist destinations unlock their long-term growth potential. We elaborate strategic and competitiveness plans for tourist destinations at the local, regional and national level, and we also provide support during their implementation.

  • Strategic Plans: We define a tourist destination’s optimal development strategy 
  • Competitiveness Plans: We provide an assessment of the competitiveness of a particular destination’s tourism system.


Strategic Tourism Plan Barcelona 2015 

Barcelona (Catalonia-Spain) 

ROS D&P elaborated a comprehensive plan (including resources, accesibility, urban planning & professional training) for the relaunch of this traditional Andean destination that had been in decline for a number of years.


Strategic & Competitiveness Plan San Carlos de Bariloche


ROS D&P elaborated a comprehensive plan (including resources, accesibility, urban planning & professional training) for the relaunch of this traditional Andean destination that had been in decline for a number of years.


Strategic & Development Plan Tequila Route

Mexic (IADB)

The goal of this project was to elaborate a tourism development plan for the Tequila region of México and set up the institutional framework to support the competitiveness of small and medium sized local tourism businesses


Competitiveness Improvement Plan 

Republic of Uruguay  (IADB)

ROS D&P was contracted by the IADB to create a tourism development strategy for the Republic of Uruguay and identify those destinations within the country that could act as tourism growth drivers and become candidates to receive funding from the bank.


Strategic & Development Plan Santiago de Compostela

Galicia (Spain) 

In 2003 ROS D&P won the tender to create the Strategic Tourism Development Plan of the city of Santiago de Compostela. The study was aimed at the sustainable and balanced growth of the city to avoid the dangers such as overcrowding and trivialization. 

In 2008, after fully achieving the objectives proposed in the initial Plan, we prepared an update of the Plan, with the horizon set on the year 2015 and aiming to avoid “death by success” and achieve sustainable and competitive growth. 



Strategic Tourism Competitiveness Plan

West Hainaut Region (Belgium) 

Together with our local partner CONTOUR we defined the main guidelines for tourism development in this region and identified the projects that would act as growth drivers.



 We define the optimal marketing mix for your project and guide you through its implementation

Operative Marketing Plan, La Molina Ski Resort

Pyrenees (Catalonia-Spain) 

 ROS D&P devised a 2-year marketing plan for La Molina, that included mix of commercialization, promotion and communication actions for this pioneering ski resort in the Pyrenees that was in need of revitalisation.


Operative Marketing Plan, San Carlos de Bariloche


As a continuation of the city’s Strategic and Tourism Competitiveness Plan, funded by the Federal Council of Investments (CFI).

We drafted the Operative Marketing Plan, which culminated in a detailed promotional, communication and trade programme aimed at achieving a better supply – demand balance, reduce seasonality and achieve greater diversification and penetration of international markets. 

In 2007 the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) updated the Operational Marketing Plan adapting it to new environmental and market circumstances.

Strategic Marketing Plan, Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

Penedès (Catalonia-Spain) 

This study looked at ways to dynamize the town of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, in the Penedès wine & cava region, while leveraging  the tourism appeal of the main local product: "cava" sparkling wine

We define the main lines of the towm's mid-to-long term strategic plan and elaborated both a competitiveness plan and an operational marketing plan 


Evaluation of the tourist image of Aysén Region in the international markets


The goal of this study was to determine the degree of knowledge and the tourist image of the Aysén Region in the Chilean Patagonia, an area of notable, yet little developed, tourism potential.

This study is going to be used to define the future international tourism promotion strategy of the region. The study was conducted in 6 countries through the use of statistically representative online panels

Marketing Plan to Attract New Airlines, Santiago de Compostela

Galicia (Spain) 

This plan was designed to overcome one of Santiago’s main tourism development bottlenecks: the lack of air connections.

The goals of the plan were successfully fulfilled with the arrival of new air operators, which brought an increase in the number and diversity of visitors and a drop in seasonality



 We help our clients optimize the management of cultural & heritage sites


Recovery Programme World Heritage Churches of Chiloé 

Province of Palena, Chile (IADB)

We defined a tourism development strategy based on the preservation of the local cultural heritage (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and identified projects eligible for funding, such as tourism interpretation centers.


Feasibility Study, historical Jesuit Missions Interpretation Center

San Ignacio, Argentina (IADB)

This project upgraded with new design and content the main interpretation center in the Jesuit Missions Corridor of Argentina. The business plan took into consideration sustainability & preservation criteria.


Feasibility Study for a river-front Museum Complex

Liege, Belgium

 This project evaluated strategies for urban development in the river-front area of Liege, Belgium, while leveraging the roll-out of an update and renewal programme for the city’s museums.


 We evaluate the feasibility of new projects and investments: hotels, resorts, spas, conference centres, theme parks...

Feasibility Study & Business Plan Le Méridien Ra Beach (5 Star Hotel & Spa Resort)

El Vendrell (Catalonia, Spain)

 ROS D&P made the initial location and project assessment. In collaboration with the architects, we also defined the project’s concept and development programme and elaborated its business and financial plan.


Economic & Financial Assessment, Catalonia Convention Center, Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I

Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) 

 ROS D&P made the initial project assessment and market research for the construction of Catalonia’s Convention Center within the grounds of a 5 star hotel in Barcelona.

At a later stage, in collaboration with the architects, defined the concept & its business & financial plan.


Market research & Product Tests Port Aventura Theme Park

Salou (Catalonia-Spain) 

ROS D&P was part of the multi-disciplinary team that performed market research and product acceptance studies prior to the inauguration of the largest theme park in Spain

Hotel Colon-Caldetes-.jpg

Evaluation & concept definition for a Thalasso-therapy Center & Spa

Caldes d’Estrac (Barcelona-Spain)

 ROS D&P evaluated and shaped the project’s initial concept. We then collaborated with a team of architects and experts in thermal facilities to facilitate the project’s roll-out through its several development stages

Evaluation of hotel investment opportunities

Cape Verde

At the request of an investment company, ROS D&P evaluated opportunities for hotel construction and management as well as other potential investments in the tourism industry in the islands of Cape Verde, off the coast of Africa.



 We help you implement the best organizational practices in the tourism industry.

“Local Tourism Management Models, Principles & Practice” (book)

Spain’s Federation of Municipalities

ROS D&P consultants authored this book, a work of reference in its field, detailing best practices in local tourism management.


Feasibility & Business Plan, Tourism Management Entity

Tarragona (Catalonia-Sapain) 

We designed a new tourism management company based on a public-private partnership. The aim of this entity is to manage the rich cultural heritage of this historical city, designated World Heritage Site by UNESC.

Design & organization of a “Villages of Beauty” network

Province of Lleida (Catalonia-Spain) 

 ROS D&P designed the organizational & operational guidelines to set up a network of villages in Catalonia specially designated for their beauty, state of preservation and potential to attract tourism (“Villages of harm & Beauty”) and defined also the main features of this new tourism brand.